The 8-Step Power of Makeup® Lesson

Following your AM skincare routine of cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting:

Set the mood with your favoriteTrish fragrance!

It's so important to do first things first when it comes to your makeup application.
I always start with eyes because it saves precious time re-doing my under-eye makeup if i happen to have
any shadow fallout or mascara mishaps.


Step 1. Upper-Eye
Prime and brighten the upper-eye with Eye Base Essentials. Apply to the eyelid
and blend from lid to brow using a Trish laydown brush or your ring finger.
Eye Liner and Color Step 2. Eye Liner and Color
Trish Tip: If maximum lash lift is desired, curl your lashes using Trish's Eyelash
Curler before applying Eye Liner and Shadow.
  • For all-day definition of the upper lash line, holding your Intense Gel Eye
    upright underneath the upper lashes, press and wiggle the liner in
    between each lash along the lash line.
Adding Brightness
Enhancing the shape of the eye
Trish Eye Definer
  • For added definition, apply a Trish Eye Definer along the lash line using a
    Trish eye lining brush.
Trish Tip: Always clean up under the eyse with a cotton swab and reapply your Trih eye serum and cream.
Lash Enhancement Step 3. Lash Enhancement
To enhance lashes, apply your favorite Trish mascara pressing and wiggling the
want from the base of the lashes up through the tips.
Trish Tip: For naturally plentiful lashes, apply Lash Enhancer Nighttime Conditioning Treatment® nightly.
Triangle of Light™


Step 4. Triangle of Light™
  • To banish the look of fatigue, apply Instant Eye Lift or Correct and
    using Trish's Triangle of Light technique. Make an upside-down
    triangle under each eye and gently press it into the skin with a Trish laydown
    brush, Professional Sponge or your ring finger until blended.
  • If additional coverage is needed, apply your Trish concealer to any remaining darkness.
Even Skin® Step 5. Even Skin®
  • To even out your complexion, apply your Trish coverage of choice using a
    Trish foundation brush, Professional Sponge or your fingers.
Translucent Finishing Powder
Face Color Step 6. Face Color
  • To enhance your facial structure, apply Trish Bronzer from forehead to
    temple to cheekbone to jawline, making a C into a 3, using a trish face brush.
Trish Highlight
  • To illuminate, apply Trish Highlight along the upper cheekbone using a small
    Trish brush.
Trish Blush
  • To brighten your complexion, apply Trish Blush to the high apple of your
    cheek using a small Trish brush.
Trish Blush
Brow Enhancement


Step 7. Brow Enhancement
For a natural or fully defined brow, always start by measuring where you want
your brow to begin, arch and end before applying your Trish brow color.
Begin: In line with the side of your nose and the inner corner of your eye
Arch: In line with the side of your nose and your pupil
End: In line with the side of your nose and the outer corner of your eye
Lip Enhancement


Step 8. Lip Enhancement
  • For definition, line lips with Trish Lip Liner using the side of the pencil for
    the most natural look.
Trish Lip Color and/or Lip Gloss